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Frequently Asked Questions


Dear SGC Members,

On behalf of the planning committee I cannot tell you how excited we are to have everyone attending the conference this year. With over 1,000 attendees expected the number of questions I have been receiving each day has grown dramatically. That being said I am taking this time to answer some of the questions that many of you might have regarding the upcoming conference.

Please check our online schedule for further details regarding specific events and times.





Q: I did not receive a confirmation of my online/ mailed in registration, am I registered?

A: You will have recieved an email with the subject heading "Important Information about SGC 2008" which would have been sent out during the first week of March. If you did then it means that you entered a correct email address when you registered, and your registration has gone through! If you do not, please check your junk or bulk email folder first. If you still do not see anything you can contact me at  If you did not print the final screen when you registered online, or make a copy of your registration forms when you mailed them in, you will receive a copy when you sign in at the conference.




Q: I am unable to attend the conference can I get a refund?

A: Yes, please send a request in writing to We must charge a $55 processing fee and are unable to issue a refund if you have paid for your SGC membership.




Q: Can I get a refund for something I paid for but will not be able to take advantage of like a boxed lunch or ticket to the final banquet?


A: Sorry we will be unable to issue refunds for the following activities you may have purchased when registering: boxed lunches, final banquet, member exchange portfolio etc.




Q: I forgot to sign up for open portfolio, the bus trip, the member exchange etc, can I add this?

A: I will be adding a few extra spaces for many of the activities, so when you sign in at the conference you may be able to take advantage of these. If you want to participate in an activity that costs money (like the Final Banquet or the Member Exchange) you will be able to pay when you arrive (checks preferred). Please be aware that some activities will have limited space available and will only be available first come first serve.




Q: How does open portfolio work this year?

A: We will be randomly assigning you to either Round 1 or Round 2. Please do not ask for specific rounds. You will know your Round when you check in.




Q: What am I to do with my Member Portfolio Exchange? Where do I drop it off, when can I pick it up?

A: You will be able to drop off your prints for the Member Portfolio Exchange when you sign in at the conference. On a separate sheet please be sure to include your NAME, TITLE, and MEDIUM. You will be able to pick up your exchange prints on FRIDAY MARCH 28th in the FINE ARTS BUILDING ROOM 122.




Q: Where is the conference being held?

A: The conference will be held in different locations on campus, each with in walking distance to one another (see map below). Richmond is a beautiful city and many of our activities can be enjoyed on foot, please don’t forget to bring an umbrella just in case!




Q: Will there be a shuttle bus?

A: Yes there will be a looping shuttle bus that will stop at various locations on campus as well as the conference hotels (The Jefferson, Double Tree and Linden Row Inn)




Q: I couldn’t find a hotel can you help me?

A: Hotel space is at a premium during the conference as we are competing with several other events in the city during the same time. I might suggest using the SGC listserv to send out a message to look for roommates:




Q: I missed registration, can I still register?

A: Yes you can register at the conference. Be aware that extra activities may be unavailable when you register at the Conference site. Regular admission costs $250. Student admission costs $160.




Q: Should students bring their Student ID’s?

A: Yes, all students who registered at the student rate need to provide identification when they check in.




Q: Any suggestions for parking?

A: There are 2 large parking decks on campus located near conference activities:
One is directly across the street from the Fine Arts Building (1000 West Broad Street) between Shafer and Harrison Streets. The other is across the street from the Landmark Theater (6 N. Laurel St.) located on Main Street between Laurel and Cherry Streets. Parking costs $5 a day. Please know that classes will be in session, therefore it is recommended that you arrive early to utilize either of these parking decks. Street level parking is also available.




Q: What should I do when I get to Richmond? How do I check in?

A: If you are flying into Richmond International Airport, keep an eye out for Ed Bernstein’s “No Danger” Portfolio. Congratulations to Ed working with the Richmond Airport to make this exciting project happen!




To get from the Airport to your hotel you can use either of these services:


Shuttle Services

Groome Transportation
Phone: (804) 222-7222 or (800) 552-791


Richmond Super Shuttle
(804) 221-6944



Taxi Services

Airport Taxi Service Inc
(804) 233-4444


Yellow Cab Service Inc
(804) 222-7300


Capitol Cab Service
(804) 222-1495




Once you get to your hotel you will want to make your way to the Fine Arts Building (located at 1000 West Broad Street) to sign in and pick up your conference materials. I have assembled a photo walking tour to help you get a feel for this first journey into Richmond:


(click to enlarge)

Directions to the Fine Arts Building from Franklin Street:

1: On Franklin Street you want to walk west, AGAINST traffic (traffic heads towards downtown, away from campus).
2: Depending on where you start you will pass the conference hotels in this order: The Linden Row Inn, The Jefferson, and the Double Tree. You will come to a very busy intersection at Franklin and Belvidere. As you continue west on Franklin, look across Monroe Park, you may see the spires of the Landmark Theater peaking out from behind the trees.
3: Continue on Franklin until you reach Shafer and turn RIGHT.
4: Straight ahead you will see the Fine Arts Building, Shafer dead ends into it, you cannot miss it! Check in will take place in the Lobby on the 1st Floor.




1: The Linden Row Inn
100 E Franklin St
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 783-7000

Linden Row Inn





2: The Jefferson
101 West Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 788-8000





3: The Double Tree
301 West Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 644-9871





4: Intersection of Franklin and Belvidere





5: Intersection of Franklin and Shafer (Fine Arts Building is right in the middle)





6: The Fine Arts Building
Location for Check in, Demos, Portfolios
1000 West Broad Street
Richmond VA 23284





7: The Student Commons
Location for Panels, Artist Talks, Vendor Fair
907 Floyd Ave.
Richmond VA 23284




8: The Landmark Theater
Location for Keynote (Thursday Morning), Awards Ceremony (Friday Afternoon), Commandprint Panel, Open Portfolio (Saturday).
6 N Laurel St
Richmond, VA 23220