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Remote Demonstrations by Apple Computers


Please join us for two remote demonstrations by Apple Computers. These will be geared towards educators and will focus on incorporating new technologies into the classroom.

Apple Demonstrations Times and Details





Lesley Dill


Lesley Dill's work examines the function of language and its relationship to the physical. Her images and constructions explore the elusive boundaries between mind, body and spirit. In particular, her work uses metaphorical imagery to investigate the roles of language and clothing in cloaking or revealing the human soul. Her work crosses traditional artistic lines and includes printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture, and performance.


In addition to serving on a panel for the conference, Dill will give a lecture during the conference about her work.

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Virgil Marti


Virgil Marti transforms space as immersive environments of color, light, and texture, employing the ornate, and is known for inserting high décor into fine art contexts. His installations, rich in humor, satire, shrewd observation, and questionable "good taste," work through a vocabulary of architectural history, pop art, and craft.


Marti will be Visiting Faculty in the Painting and Printmaking Department for Spring 2008.


Virgil Marti will be giving a gallery talk on Saturday, March 29th from 4-5pm at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond for the show "Ah! Sunflower."

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Cassandra C. Jones


The work of Cassandra C. Jones is the result of collecting thousands of other people's snapshot photographs. Obtained from every accessible source, she groups them together by remarkably like subject matter. Jones then organizes, adjusts, deconstructs, and/or meticulously reconstructs these groupings to present them in ways [via video, print or installation] that tell stories about the power of photographic imagery in our snap happy, contemporary lifestyles.

Cassandra will be working in the Painting and Printmaking Department's Center for Digital Print Media throughout the conference. Cassandra will also be giving a lecture during the conference about her work.

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Sandow Birk


Sandow Birk is on the heels of completing a new body of prints, The Depravities of War, whose images follow the course of the Iraq war. The project consists of 15 large-scale woodcut prints on sekishu paper, each measuring 48 x 96 inches. Printed at Hui Press with Master Printer Paul Mullowney.


In addition to serving on a panel for the conference, Birk will give a lecture during the conference about his work.

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Fabian Marcaccio


Fabian Marcaccio's work is formed at the edge of digital hybridity, blending digital printing, photography, and traditional painting techniques to create varied and layered works he refers to as “paintants.”


Marcaccio will give a lecture during the conference about his work.

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